My name is Robert Lefold. Welcome to the website of Teilchensturm Art/Design, my retreat as a Fine and visual artist. Here you will find a diverse collection of impressive artworks specifically designed for music bands and musicians. As an artist, I specialize in creating unique and captivating album cover artworks and poster designs that perfectly embody your musical vision. My artistic passion is to translate the essence of your music into visual masterpieces. Every artist and band has a unique aesthetic and an individual message that I can express through my art. My goal is to enhance your music visually while reflecting your personality and the character of your band.


As a fine artist, I possess a broad range of artistic techniques and styles that allow me to explore various visual concepts. Whether oil painting, digital oil, pen & ink, or photo manipulations, I can transform your ideas and visions into stunning artworks. I am always looking for new challenges and I look forward to working with you to create something unique and original. In addition to my expertise as a fine artist, I also offer close collaboration. I listen carefully to fully understand your vision and desires and I will be by your side throughout the entire creative process. That includes the layout, design and packaging of your medium of choice. 

I am proud that my artworks have been able to support their music careers and captivate their audiences. So, if you are looking for a talented fine artist who can transform your music into captivating visual artworks, do not hesitate to contact me.


Let’s bring your musical vision to life together!



Born on the island of Rügen, I grew up with the beauty of nature and life in modesty and tranquility.
I was a bundle of energy that actually just never came to rest. Unless I was painting or listening to music. Then I was lost in my own world.

Growing up with my father’s records, I’ve always been interested in the album covers of masterpieces like „…and justice for all“, „Led Zeppelin IV“ or „One of these nights“. I listened to the albums over and over and started absorbing everything I saw and felt. The music and influences changed. The images in my head changed too…but the love for art and music never did.

20 years later, here I am. I have worked with artists like Acranius, Earth Ship, Confusion Master, Grin, Isolated, COR, Smoking Hut On Stones, Die Dorks, Range of Movement,  Below a silent sky, Rise of Kronos and many more. I’m waiting for your project. 

Robert Lefold


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